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FanPost Friday: How do we fix the Twins?

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Welcome to our newest Friday feature, Fan Post Friday!

Before you call me Corny McCornFace, let me say this is actually something many SB Nation team sties do, and I thought it would be fun to bring to Twinkie Town. Here's the gist: I post a question or topic on Friday, you write a fan post addressing the topic or question in whatever fashion you want, and then we will share the best posts or recap the posts on the front page come Monday. It will be fun, guys. Don't leave me hanging here.

Since community member Matt Farber already got us started yesterday, this week's topic is:

How the [bleep] do we fix the Twins?

You can go anywhere you want with this. You can write various trade proposals the Twins should make to the Angels for Mike Trout. You can write about cramming the entire team into a port-a-potty and firing it into the sun. You can write about drinking rally beers until you wake up in a dumpster with Bill Smith. Heck, you can write about signing Manny Ramirez to play whatever position you want shortstop. You can also write a serious post about, you know, what the Twins should actually do (and maybe win yourself a spot as our newest front-page staff analysis writer, since we are definitely looking).

The sky is the limit here, folks. Let it rip.