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Twins Blow Three Different Leads, Lose 7-6


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It's now at the point where you start to appreciate the variations with which the Twins lose games.  Is it a horrible start?  Is it a punchless offense?  Did the bullpen blow a rare lead?  A meteorite?  All four at once?

Friday's loss featured three blown leads, an offense that could have done a lot more damage, and a bad performance from the usually reliable Trevor May, as Cleveland topped the Twins 7-6.  It was Minnesota's 8th loss in a row.

The game started well, with Miguel Sano and Byung-ho Park stroking majestic solo dongs in the first and second to stake the Twins to an early lead.  Ricky Nolasco gave it right back on a 2-run jack from Yan Gomes in the bottom of the second.

Park came right back in the top of the third with another dong stroke, but this time with a runner on base, somehow, and the Twins had a lead they kept for multiple innings!  (Park missed a third dong in his next at-bat by not a whole lot, flying out to the warning track.)

With the game knotted at 4, Other Other Ed's solo homer in the top of the eighth gave the Twins a 5-4 lead.  They then loaded the bases with none out, but didn't score.  This turned out to be bad.

May, who hadn't given up a run in 9 1/3 innings, got roughed up for three runs in the bottom of the inning, managing only one out and leaving the Twins with a 7-5 deficit.

Still and all, the Twins had a chance to reclaim the lead in the ninth, as Other Other Ed singled in a run to make it a one-run contest.  With OOE at third and Trevor Plouffe on first, Park struck out to end the game.

Other than that, though, it was fun?  Home runs are cool, I guess.


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