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Game XXXV: Twins @ Cleveland

The "Mistake Amidst 10000 Lakes" team tries to bail water.

What's the Korean phrase for "adorable in this photo"?
What's the Korean phrase for "adorable in this photo"?
Jason Miller/Getty Images
Time: 3:10 (19:10 GMT.) Vegas Line: -190 CLE / MIN +170
Weather: Cloudy, Windy, Showery, High Of 54
Opponent SB Site: read it here
TV: FSN. Radio: Cory Provus Reads "The Wasteland" Aloud Fried By Weed Brownies

According to Baseball Reference, Cleveland pitcher Corey Kluber's nickname is "Hans Kluber." This is of course a reference to the seminal Alan Rickman villain in "Moonlighting." Apparently Hans Kluber was also a 16th-century artist who restored some cool dancing skeletons for a Swiss church. Thanks, Internet!

Kluber is mostly a sinker/slider/curve guy, with the most effective pitches being his bendy ones. He'll go up against Ervin Santana, who has a crazy baBIP this year but also a higher-than-usual walk rate. Are the two connected? My crystal ball answers all, but forbids me to disclose its secrets. Digits:

ERA H/9 K/9 BB/9 HR/9 OPS v L/R BAbip FIP
Santana 3.86 10.4 8.5 4.2 0.8 .786/.825 .347 3.72
Kluber 4.14 8.4 8.9 2.0 0.6 .720/.541 .295 2.69


Twins Territory Northern Ohio
Joe Mauer, 1B
Carlos Santana, DH
Eduardo Nunez, SS Jason Kipnis, 2B
Miguel Sano, RF Francisco Lindor, SS
Plouuuuuuufe, 3B Mike Napoli, 1B
Byung Ho Park, DH Jose Ramirez, 3B
Brian Dozier, 2B Marlon "Flipda" Byrd, RF
Eddie Rosario, LF Yan Gomes, C
Jose "Fifty" Centeno, C Tyler Naquin, CF
Danny Santana Rajai Davis, LF

Orlando Arcia, who went 0-4 with a crucial late-game strikeout yesterday, is shining Paul Molitor's dancing spats with a toothbrush. (Note for poll question: * -- designates acceptable responses)


What's your opinion on Ween getting back together for a new tour?

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    I liked them when I was in college, but now I've grown up. I listen to podcasts suggested by people at the office. It's "team building"
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    Live shows aren't the same since it was just two guys and a DAT boombox.*
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    They may do a Prince cover on their stop here and that could be AMAZING!*****
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