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Korean descriptions of Byung-Ho Park's first MLB multi-home run game (via Google Translate)

Once again we take a look at what our friends in Korea are saying about Byung-Ho Park, and specifically, about his first multi-home run game last night, with a little help from out friend Google Translate.

Byung Ho Park and Trevor Sample Loop celebrate.
Byung Ho Park and Trevor Sample Loop celebrate.
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

After ten days of silence, Byung Ho Park exploded Friday with his first multi-home run game (and first home run with someone actually on base) in the majors. Park hit two glorious dongs off Cleveland starter Josh Tomlin, and needless to say, his countrymen were quite excited.

In all honesty, it sounded pretty much the same in my apartment after Park hit that one out. Some things are just universal.

Park is pretty big in his native Korea, and you might wonder what else the media there has to say about Park's big night. I don't know a lick of Korean, but thankfully, I am pretty good at Google Translate.

So here's what the Korean media is saying about Byung Ho (via Google Translate):

Hankooki Sports:

Major League Baseball since the first multi-home run advance bat is Park Byung-ho breathed fire from the beginning. Housed in the first inning, he twice pulled a 140km four-seam fastball opponent's starter Josh Tomlin turned aimlessly on the left side fence.

Star Seoul TV:

Park Byung-ho is pumped into the stand opposite each other and Tomlin full count for about an hour 137㎞ cutter smashed home with a pass to the left of the fence home run and run by Trevor sample loop. [Editor's note: That's supposed to be "Trevor Plouffe", and I am absolutely dying.]


Outward flow is suffered helplessly on the ball.

MBC News:

It was mega hit of the right distance 140m instant hit well as the relative permeability do not look back. I did this is not the end. First there was a mean viscosity of runners situation homer popping in that hit drove two, including Cleveland Tomlin three room only home run today become the nemesis Park Byung-ho is caught and has been named the American League home run tied five sectors.

Cho Sun Sports:

Fell into the mire eight-game losing streak Paul Molitor Minnesota coach while revealing regret for the attack of the entire team has multi-homer Park Byung-ho (30, Minnesota) was praised.

After the game, coach Molitor praised for Park Byung-ho said in an interview with FOX Sports "showed a very good batting line and finished with a home run." Molitor director followed "was recorded a home run in the first two at-bats to see the plays are very good," he said and made a day of consolation.

Also from Cho Sun Sports:

Park Byung-ho was hit nine homers in 29 games was crowned as "player hit the most home runs in the first 30 games, the history of Minnesota."

It seems Byung Ho himself was not very excited with his two home runs, and was more upset about striking out in the ninth inning.

From Yonhap News:

Park Byung-ho was mentioned for the previous home run was refrain from talking about the scene, who struck out in nine.

Park Byung-ho, there was no, "had to change the thinking when struck accepted the curve would have been foul did not control me," the Minnesota area if Star Tribune interview said, "because a curve in the good timing can your opponent throw another curve fast ball the preparation and had to swing with confidence, " he chewed on a product.

Park Byung-ho has been touted as a first-year foray into major league batting 15 runs batted .245 (98 hits in 24 at-bats) with nine home runs.

His destructiveness is particularly interesting watches the whole major leagues.

But because Minnesota has fallen to the lowest in the American League 8 wins 26 losses, Park Byung-ho .235 winning percentage not even laugh recorded a home run.

The major league record for home runs the first day Park Byung-ho recalled only 'bats failed.'