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Hell Freezes Over, Twins Win 6-3

Juan Centeno HITS A HOME RUN and Twins pitching manages not to implode. Today was a good day.

Not as chubby as Colon
Not as chubby as Colon
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Early on, Twins hitters were having trouble with Corey Kluber today, striking out four times in the first two innings. Ervin Santana gave up a run in the fourth, and -- let's face it -- that felt like all Cleveland needed. Even though Santana ended up surrendering only the one run, it's the Twins. They can't hit! And then this happened:

For reasons known only to the Dark Spirits, Paul Molitor continues to place Ryan Pressly in more critical situations than Michael Tonkin. Pressly walks more batters and gives up more hits, and both these tendencies almost bit a fleshy chunk from the Twins' butts in the seventh. One half-inning later, "OPS" Centeno would double and score the insurance run when Danny Santana showed bunt, pulled his bat back, and nubbed a grounder past the infield.

Santana ended the day 2-4, and didn't flub any plays although at times he looked to be judging routes via echolocation. Mauer made some slick plays on what was a slick field (because rain.) Sano had an RBI and a stolen friggin' base! Kevin Jepsen gave up a two-out ninth-inning homer, because he loves batters and is nice to them, but the insurance runs proved to be enough.

Small roster note: You saw myjah's update on J.R. Graham. The Twins also picked up no-hit infielder Tommy Field (real name). Bollinger has the details, underneath his Graham story, and mentions Kyle Gibson / Glen Perkins are still about two weeks from returning.

But hey! TWINS WIN! It's happening!

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