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Monday Recap: How the [bleep] do we fix the Twins?

It's cool! We're all fixed now!
It's cool! We're all fixed now!
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Last Friday I asked all of you for your ideas on how to fix the Twins—you you guys delivered! The Twins are fixed!

Okay, not really... but that's only because the Twins have not taken our ideas to heart (I'm sure).

Here's what you guys, the best and brightest, came up with:

  • CYHusker responded to the call for help quickly with a plethora or good ideas. Among those ideas: a literal flaming dumpster in the outfield, more booze, and an absolutely terrific plan for getting the most out of Joe Mauer. Sounds fool proof to me.
  • Last but not least, Sweet Lou! wrote about how to fix the Twins in three acts. His post actually only includes one act, and I'm not sure if or when the next two acts are coming out, but keep your eyes peeled for them!

Join us again next Friday when I ask how we can fix the Twins next biggest problem. Until then, stay fixed!