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Who (and why) is Juan Centeno?

Let's take a moment to meet the new Rene Rivera.

"I'm a real person, you know."
"I'm a real person, you know."
Brian Blanco/Getty Images

If you watched the Twins this past weekend, you know that they actually won two games (!!) and backup catcher Juan Centeno played a big part (??). Centeno caught both Saturday and Sunday's games, hit his first major league home run on Saturday, and drove in a run on a sweet double on Sunday.

But who the heck is Juan Centeno?

Juan Centeno is the Twins' new back-up catcher, for the time being. John Ryan Murphy, who was acquired in the Aaron Hicks trade, was the back up catcher to start the season, but he struggled mightily at the plate and was sent to AAA. The Twins original third in line for the catcher throne was John Hicks, but he was claimed off waivers when the Twins removed him from the 40-man roster to make room for David Murphy (who then refused to play for the Twins and retired instead, if you want a snapshot of how the Twins' season is going).

Centeno signed a minor league contract with the Twins last November. Before that, he played for the Brewers, appearing in ten games in 2015. Before even that, he was with the Mets, where he played 14 games in the majors between 2013 and 2014.

Centeno is originally from Puerto Rico, the unofficial 51st state of the USA.

That's all I have on Juan Centeno, which isn't much. So let's just make up a bunch of Juan Centeno facts instead. Annnnd go: