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Twins 2, Tigers 7: Seventh Inning of Sadness

At least Pelfrey didn't no hit us.

He's not having the best time.
He's not having the best time.
Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Things started off solid, as Phil Hughes shut out Detroit for the first six innings, and Joe Mauer and Miguel Sano both hit some sweet sweet solo home runs off of old friend Mike Pelfrey, to put the Twins up 2-0. And then the whole world started to burn. Rome wasn't built in an inning, but the Twins certainly lost in one.

After the arguably strange move of removing Hughes after he gave up a lone run in the 7th, Michael Tonkin and Trevor May both forgot what pitching was and gave up 3 runs each, including homers from Ian Kinsler and J.D Martinez. Brandon Kintzler eventually got the inning over without further incident.

Unfortunately for Minnesota, Pelf didn't pitch all 9 innings, so they never mustered up so much as a threat after that. In the end the loss fell on Tonkin (1-2) and the W went to Detroit reliever Kyle Ryan (1-1)

The Twins Fall to an increasingly depressing 10 and 28, while the Tigers are now a bad, but still 8(!) games better than us, 18-21.


  • Miguel Sano: 1-2 with a HR and two BBs
  • Brandon Kintzler: Didn't give up all of the runs like the other pitchers.


  • Trevor May: Gave up 3 runs in 0 innings.
  • Michael Tonkin: Gave up 3 runs in .1 innings.
  • Arguably everyone else.

Comment of the Gamethread:

"HARMON KILLEBREW DIDN'T GET ESOPHAGEAL CANCER FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - The ever sensitive Myjah.


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