The 2016 Minnesota Twins: A BINGO Game

Who's up for a little BINGO!?!?!?!

Because BINGO is fun and this season is kinda not fun...

As we all know, our Twins team this year is doing a little bit worse than what we planned on. Oh, by "doing a little bit worse," I meant to say, "taking a nose-dive straight into hell." It could be worse, though! The Atlanta Braves... well... they now have the same record as the Twins.

Well, anyway. We're only a few games from being a quarter-way through the season already, and I know I've come to terms with what this season will be like, and maybe you have too. You might be like me and listen to or watch the game while dinking around on your laptop, cracking open a beer or 10, going for a walk while yelling superlatives when walking past a church because a Twins relief pitcher serves up two homers back-to-back, or just falling asleep during the game which leads to Provus and Gladden commentating your dreams.

As fun as those tasks can be, I figured it would be funner to have a BINGO card with some common occurrences that the Twins have been in this year, because all we can do is just sit back and watch. Ideally, you can use it during a week-long period - Friday through Thursday, for example - and if you win, you can just reminisce on the better times and crack open another ice-cold beer.

Below are five BINGO cards for you and your friends (or just you) to use as you please!

PKkkIUV.0.png dYYdTlR.0.png uVI7HJG.0.png 3tvieQ3.0.png Y0jNboK.0.png

I only came up with 24 things to put on there, so let me know if you want anything new on them, and enjoy!