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Gamethread: Blue Jays (19-23) vs Twins (10-29)May the 19th be with you.... always.

"Molitor believed those lineups were from Ryan? You have not failed me. US Bank sandcrawler is yours, as agreed."
"Molitor believed those lineups were from Ryan? You have not failed me. US Bank sandcrawler is yours, as agreed."
Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

On May 19th, 7:10PM on FSN and TRN at not so far,
far away Target Field....

Star Wars Font

Episode XL


It is a period of civil war,
almost. The Twins are
off to one of their worst
starts in decades. Their
playoff hopes lie in ruins.
Many Twins fans are in
open rebellion.

Trying to win them back,
the Twins marketing folks
are having a Plouffe Skywalker
giveaway night on May the
19th because May the 4th
was an away game, I assume.

Marco Estrada and the Blue
Jays are relentlessly pursuing
Ervin Santana and his fellow
Twins to their hidden Rebel
base. Twins are desperate to
save their season and restore
freedom to the galaxy....

Know Thine Enemy: Bluebird Banter
saturn moon death star

Estrada has a 2.89 ERA and has added a cutter to his pitch arsenal that has increased his GB% this year. The Jays come into Target Field after a slump of their own, but as we saw in Detroit, this doesn't seem to matter much to Twins' opponents. Ervin Santana (3.38 ERA) got his first W of the season against the Tribe and hopes for another before the year ends. Josh Donaldson has 2 HRs vs Santana in the last 14 ABs. Jose "Joey Bats" Bautista has a vulnerable exhaust portal that can be exploited in case of bat flips. Kurt Suzuki has 999 career hits coming into the game.

Today's Lineups/Compos

Jose Bautista - RF/CD Brian Dozier - 2B
Josh Donaldson - 3B Eduardo Nunez - SS/AC
Edwin Encarnacion - DH/FD Joe Mauer - 1B
Justin Smoak - 1B Miguel Sano - RF/CD
Michael Saunders - LF/CG Trevor Plouffe - 3B
Troy Tulowitzki - SS/AC Byung-ho Park - DH/FD
Jimmy Paredes - 2B Oswaldo Arcia - LF/CG
Russell Martin - C/R Kurt Suzuki - C/R
Kevin Pillar - CF/CC Danny Santana - CF/CC
Marco Estrada - RHP/LD Ervin Santana - RHP/LD

Red Leader, I'm going in and will try to draw their fire. Good luck, keep up the chatter, and May the 19th be with you!