The 2016 Minnesota Twins, ranked by spoonerism

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The word "spoonerism" is defined as "a humorous mistake in which a writer switches the sounds of two or more words." I thought it would be fun to do this with the names of Twins players. I will rank the Twins roster based on how cool their name sounds when you switch the first letters of their first and last names. So, without further ado...

25. Hhil Pughes


24. Pyan Rressly

Oh man. Oh man, oh man. Not again.-Drake in "Back to Back." Also my reaction to seeing Ryan Pressly's spoonerism.

23. Mevor Tray

Mevor Tray sounds like a brand of school lunch trays and I will stand by this fact until I die.

22. Moe Jauer


21. Rohn Myan Jurphy

This one was hard because JRM has three names he used. Also "Jurphy" kinda sounds like that made up color from "The Wiggles" where they mixed green and purple and called it "gurple"

20. Nduardo Eunez

I desperately wanted to put this one dead last but there was something about the ones above it that made this one crack the top 20.

19. Eduardo Escobar

>sips coffee

this is fine

18. Aswaldo Orcia

Orcia looks and sounds like someone just misspelled "orca" and just ran with it.

17. Jevin Kepsen


i'm living in a pangster's garadise

16. Nicky Rolasco

This could actually be a believable name for a person. Like if Ricky Nolasco woke up one day and decided he wanted to be named Nicky Rolasco no one would bat an eye.

15. Drian Bozier

>turns on bullhorn


14. Tichael Monkin

to be completely honest i didn't know where to put this one.

13. Prevor Tlouffe

This reminds me of the French word "s'etouffer" which means "to choke."

12. Dyler Tuffey

This is actually a pretty good name for a pitcher.

11. Sanny Dantana

Why not? We already call him Dantana anyway.

10. Pyung Bo Hark

Again with the three names. At least this one sounds cool

9. Aernando Fbad

This one made me crack up. I don't know why.

8. Bose Jerrios

Sounds like a headphone model. The Bose Jerrios.

7. Fasey Cien

Fasey At The Bat

6. Surt Kuzuki

This is good. This is fine.

5. Plen Gerkins

/sighs again

cod's gonna gut you down

4. Siguel Mano


3. Srvin Eantana

Srvin sounds like serving and Ervin is serving up strikeouts. It works.

2. Rddie Eosario

This is funny I don't understand why it's funny.

1. Mommy Tilone


I hope you enjoyed this journey through the Twins roster and spoonerisms. I hope I have been of service. TO GWINS TO!