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Well, That Happened Again

Tyler Duffey was good for awhile then he wasn't and the bullpen was worse and now your Twins have the worst record in baseball. But Robbie Grossman was good.

robbie grossman more like robbie actually good man
robbie grossman more like robbie actually good man
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Twins lost again.

After Thursday's extra-inning nailbiter, Toronto decided to send everyone home a little earlier, routing Minnesota 9-3.  With Atlanta's victory, the loss sent the Twins to the basement of the major league standings at 10-31.

Tyler Duffey was sort of good for awhile, but fell apart in the sixth, exiting with two outs and posting a final line of 6 runs and 9 hits allowed.  Nice.

Robbie Grossman may well have earned his apocryphal bobblehead night. driving in all three Twins runs.  His double gave the Twins their only lead of the game at 1-0, and an RBI single and solo dong made the loss a little less bad-looking.  Still bad, but less bad.

The Blue Jays cranked four dongs of their own, with the key blow coming from Jose Bautista, who belted a 3-run jack off Trevor May in the aforementioned sixth to turn a competitive game into a rout.

They also wore the dumb red jerseys again, and eyewitness accounts say there were a lot of Toronto fans in attendance.  It just keeps getting better and better.


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Enjoy your weekend, everybody.