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Not all Braves fans....

It's a Kent Hrbek Birthday Miracle, I guess.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Those of you who have followed me on Twitter for a long time know that I like to retweet Braves fans complaining about Kent Hrbek. I like to do this mostly because I am flabbergasted my the number of Braves fans who still complain about a play that happened over 25 years ago.

And then, somehow, this little nugget came along.

Yes, and no joke.This Braves fan, born in 1983, had no idea who Kent Hrbek was (which is legit a first in my book).

Obviously, there is nothing wrong with this--but I was legitimately confused. Had he seen the play before? What was going on?! Hence, I sent him a video of what happened and asked for his thoughts. Here's what he said:


@BravesFan111 went on to explain:

Couldn't care less honestly. Had Gant been ruled safe they may have scored. Who knows? I can see why people were upset. Think we were screwed more by the infield fly BS and less likely that game would have turned out different. Don't know why people still talk about it.

So there you have it (yet I'm still confused).