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The Day Kent Hrbek Visited the Mankato Taco John's

Truly, a day to remember.

love 2 have fun on camera
love 2 have fun on camera
Ken Levine/Getty Images

Minnesota Twins legend Kent Hrbek is known for dingers, a love of the outdoors, and gently guiding Ron Gant off of first base in 1991.

But did you know he once went to the Taco John's in Mankato?

Although video doesn't exist, an account from the city's KEYC television station indicates he visited the "West-Mex" fast-food restaurant as part of a promotion for their fish tacos.

The manager of the store talked about the thrill.

Lance Peterson, owner of the Mankato Taco John's, says, "I have told a couple close friends, but we wanted it a little quiet to keep it professional. But, it was pretty exciting and kind of hard to hold in when you know a Minnesota Twin great is going to be in your store."

Can you even imagine going to your local TJ's to snarf down some Potato Oles and Kent Hrbek is there?  Man.

Anyway, here's the 1987 episode of Letterman where Hrbek wore one of your dad's sweaters: