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Glen Perkins suffers set-back in his come-back

I don't even really blame him not wanting to come back to this team...

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Glen Perkins, who's been on the disabled list for the past six weeks, was going to throw a bullpen session tomorrow but called it off due to lingering shoulder issues. He tried doing a long-toss last Thursday and it apparently just didn't feel good. "When I go to throw, I don’t want to say it feels like a knife-stabbing pain but it’s a pain in the front of my shoulder," Perkins told reporters.

Perk is going to take a week off from throwing and then try again next week. All okay and good, I guess. The Twins aren't going anywhere this season.

The slightly disconcerting part about all of this, however, is that Glen is reporting that a different part of his shoulder is now the part that is hurting (as opposed to the part that originally landed him on the DL).

That's so 2016 Twins...