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Tuesday Twins: Eduardo Escobar is here to lift all of our spirits

"I just want to love!" - Eddie Escobar
"I just want to love!" - Eddie Escobar
Dylan Buell/Getty Images


  • In his return, Eduardo Escobar has vowed to bring the joy back. "That’s what I’m here for. I’m ready for that," Eduardo told reporters. "I’m going to help the team, and I’m going to take them out of the hole that they’re in."
  • Speaking of fixing Brian Dozier, Torii Hunter is already is ON IT.
  • Phil Hughes tried to hit Josh Donaldson twice during the Blue Jays-Twins game on Sunday (key word: "tried"), and Donaldson isn't even mad at Hughes (although he is mad).
  • While Twins fans are complaining about the Twins TV broadcasters being too easy on the team, Twins players are apparently complaining about them being too mean (to Dick Bremer's face!).