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Picky Sticky: Royals at Twins

Probably don't pick Brian Dozier.
Probably don't pick Brian Dozier.
Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

This is totally my original idea and I didn't steal it from that one guy who does gamethreads on Sunday. This is a little friendly competition to make observing the game a little more fun.

The Rules:

Simply pick two Twins hitters. If you don't know, those are the ones in the uniforms that say "Twins" on them. You will gain (or lose!) points based on their performance. Make sure to pick soon, as this thread will be locked when the game starts! The winner will be announced in the recap after the game and receive the wonderful prize of a smug sense of superiority!

As far as I can tell Brandon Brooks has the best score ever with 14. Can you do better?


  • 1: Singles, walks, stolen bases, runs, RBI.
  • 2: Doubles.
  • 3: Triples.
  • 4: Home runs.
  • -1: Strikeouts.
  • -2: Double plays

Today's Lineups

Can't Pick This Guy Eduardo Nunez - 2B
Can't Pick This Guy Joe Mauer - 1B
Can't Pick This Guy Miguel Sano - DH
Can't Pick This Guy Trevor Plouffe - 3B
Can't Pick This Guy Robbie Grossman - LF
Can't Pick This Guy Oswaldo Arcia - RF
Can't Pick This Guy Eduardo Escobar - SS
Can't Pick This Guy Juan Centeno - C
Can't Pick This Guy Danny Santana - CF
Can't Pick This Guy A Pitcher.