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Kent Hrbek Has a Prior Commitment

But what is it?

this is not photoshopped
this is not photoshopped
Rick Stewart/Getty Images

My friends Luke and Andrew are putting on a live version of their podcast at St. Paul's American Legion on June 11.  (Tickets are here, if you're interested. I'll be there in a third-wheel capacity.)  They've been trying to book a prototypical Minnesota guest for the show, and reached out via Twitter to the very prototypically Minnesotan Kent Hrbek.

He politely declined.

Now.  It's very possible that Kent really does have a prior commitment that Saturday.  June weekends are chock full of weddings, grad parties, bachelor parties, you name it. (NOTE: Kent Hrbek would only be topped by pre-salvation Gary Gaetti and maybe Juan Berenguer as a bachelor party guest from the 1987 Twins.)

However, if, like me, you follow Herbie on Twitter, you know that he is a man of varied interests, like hunting, putting his name on ridiculous bloody marys, and fire. So, I put it to you, reader: What is Kent Hrbek doing on Saturday, June 11?