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FanPost Friday: What about the bullpen?

The Twins have abad bullpen. How should they make it abetter?
The Twins have abad bullpen. How should they make it abetter?
David Banks/Getty Images

Welcome back to FanPost Friday!

If you missed this last week, FanPost Friday is our new feature in which I post a question or topic Friday, you write a fan post addressing the topic or question in whatever fashion you want, and then we will share the best posts or recap the posts on the front page come Monday. It's fun. Give it a try.

Here is this week's topic:

What are three things the Twins should do to improve the bullpen and why?

Now remember, you can go anywhere you want with this. You can write about three potential trades or call-ups you think the Twins should make and why. You can write about three pitchers who absolutely need to go. You can write about moving players out of the rotation (or lineup?) into the bullpen and vice versa. You can write about bullpen carts (Glen Perkins, I'm looking at you). Or you can write about three new amenities or features you would like to see added to Target Field's pen. Really, you can write about anything.

We've got a bullpen to improve, folks, so let it rip.