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Game XLVIII: Twins @ Mariners

Good evening, Twins fans, whyever you may be.

Didn't think she could get any cooler, did you? Yep, a baseball fan, too.
Didn't think she could get any cooler, did you? Yep, a baseball fan, too.
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images
Time: 9:10 (02:10 GMT.) Vegas Line: -155 SEA / MIN +145
Weather: 55, Showers, Roof On The Muthasucka
Opponent SB site: Lookout Landing (Used To Have This Logo)
TV: FSN. Radio: Friendly Unit Shifter

Per scribe Doug Miller, tonight's game features "two quick workers," meaning (because I need to be up early tomorrow) it will last 27 innings. Maybe I'll watch just one more. Pitcher digits:

ERA H/9 K/9 BB/9 HR/9 OPS v L/R BAbip FIP
Miley 4.50
.288 4.51
Hughes 4.94 10.2

Via FanGraphs, Wade Miley indeed was the second-fastest-working pitcher last season, behind only every bored sportswriter's hero, Mark Buehrle. Miley (who looks like he's keeping the dream of the '90s alive in Seattle) throws your usual four pitches, none especially hard. But Buehrle doesn't throw hard either, and he's had a long career. Phil Hughes is striking out fewer batters than he ever has. Because the Twins can't, ever ever, have nice things.

Oh, and about Carrie Brownstein being a serious baseball fan? Check out the end of this video (1:26), where she throws out the first pitch at Safeco, then gets the ball autographed. She looks positively giddy to be getting the signed ball. You can be an alternative rock goddess / TV star and still geek out over a signature!


Saved In Baseball, 2001 Saved Baseball In 2001
Eduardo Nunez, 3B
Norichika Aoki, CF
Brian Dozier, 2B Seth "Stohs" Smith, LF
Joe Mauer, 1B Robinson Cano, 2B
Miguel Sano, RF Nelson Cruz, DH
"Be You Again!" Park, DH Kyle Seager, 3B
Robbie Grossman, LF
Adam Lind, 1B
Eduardo Escobar, SS Franklin Gutierrez, RF
Kurt Suzuki, C Steve Clevenger, C
Danny Santana, CF
Luis Sardinas, SS