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Tommy Milone and Casey Fien placed on waivers

Mike Berardino of the Pioneer Press reports that the Twins have placed the two wayward pitchers on waivers after their disappointing starts

Sorry, bro.
Sorry, bro.
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Tommy Milone won the fourth spot in the Twins starting rotation coming out of spring training, but was recently bumped to the bullpen after posting a 5.79 ERA in five starts. Casey Fien won a spot (somehow) in the bullpen, and had a 7.90 ERA in 14 appearances so far this season. Now, it appears, Milone and Fien are being fired.

Okay, not exactly. But, yeah, basically.

The rest of MLB will now get their chance at claiming these killer arms as their own. If there are no takers, both pitchers will be assigned to the minors. Fien, who's 32 years old, has been out-righted in the past and hence has the right to reject a minor league assignment and become a free agent. Milone does not have such a right.

The Twins needed to make roster room for the impending return of Ervin Santana, who is slated to come off the DL and start Saturday. Kyle Gibson may also be returning from the DL sometime next week. Who or what the Twins will decide to call up in the meantime to fill their roster remains a mystery.