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Twins Call Up Centeno, Mastroianni; Murphy Sent Down, Graham DFA'd

sure why not

this is juan centeno
this is juan centeno
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

A flurry of activity in the wake of the Twins releasing Casey Fein and Tommy Milone on Thursday.  Here's what we know as of 1:00 Central Daylight Time.

  • John Ryan Murphy sent down.  As you may know, the Twins traded the very decent Aaron Hicks for him.  Although Hicks has struggled for the Yankees, Murphy has entered a dimension beyond struggling into something almost tangibly upsetting, like an abandoned pile of baby dolls in a denuded forest.
  • J.R. Graham DFA'd.  You may remember Graham from being on the team all last year.  He's not on the team anymore.
  • Juan Centeno called up.  Your new back-up catcher has a career OPS of .688 at AAA.  That's all I know about Juan Centeno beyond that he played for the Brewers last year.
  • Darin Mastroianni called up.  Veteran leadership something something.
UPDATE (1:15 PM): Per Phil Miller of the Strib, Ryan O'Rourke is also DFA'd.  Geez Louise.

If anyone else gets whacked or promoted, we'll let you know.