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Sox Blast Twins, 10-4

The Twins fall 13 games below .500, but I guess they got in a dumb fight or something.

Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Ricky Nolasco got rocked early, the Twins middle-inning comeback fell short, and the AL-best White Sox cruised to another victory in a 10-4 beatdown of your Minnesota Twins.

After 24 hours of roster upheaval, it was fair to wonder how the team would respond.  The answer: About the same as they've been responding to everything, but they got in a fight, too.

To their credit, the Twins did not give up after being in a hole right away again.  Trailing 5-1, Oswaldo Arcia stroked a majestic dong and Miguel Sano hit a sac fly to pull Minnesota within one in the 5th.  Nolasco gave up runs six and seven in the bottom of the frame, though, so that sorta put an end to the optimism.

In the top of the 8th, Byung Ho Park got drilled with a Nate Jones pitch.  Don't think it was on purpose.  Regardless, Trevor May pegged Jose Abreu in the bottom of the inning and everyone got all het up.  The benches cleared, the bullpen ran in, the whole nine.  After the dust cleared, May was still in the game, while Robin Ventura was the only person who got the boot, likely because of that.

To add to the fun, Eduardo Escobar pulled a groin muscle running out a grounder and is likely headed to the DL.

The Twins are now 11 1/2 games behind Chicago in the AL Central.

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