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White Sox 3, Twins 1: 0-6 Against Chicago

Tyler Duffey's career-high nine K's can't make the Twins magically score runs.

Mrs. Mastroianni has disowned this man.
Mrs. Mastroianni has disowned this man.
Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

"4 Ks in an inning and still gives up a run." -- Dave Wales

Yeah, that happened in the seventh. Avisail Garcia reached on a wild pitch, and Dioner Navarro doubled him home to make it 3-1. Incidentally defensive catcher Juan Centeno also let 74-year-old Jimmy Rollins swipe a bag in the fourth, but hey, it's not like Suzuki or Murphy would have done any better.

The Twins, not to be outdone, managed nine whiffs themselves against Jose Quintana, Nate Jones, and David Robertson (who between them started the day with 63 Ks in 64 innings, so at least Minnesota matched the norm.) And Eduardo Nunez got TOOTBLAN after a leadoff double to start the game, because the Twins Are Dumb.

Duffey's nice performance, and Jose Berrios's uber-prospect status, make it interesting to wonder what might happen when Kyle Gibson returns from injury. But at least that won't happen for a little while, as Cody Stavenhagen reports. I like that name, Stavenhagen. I like to imagine she/he spends the offseason mackerel fishing in Norway. because I'd rather be doing that than listening to the Twins lose againandagainandagain

Berrios throws against Baltimore's Tyler Wilson tomorrow.

The happy news is nobody got hurt today. The sad news is there's 131 games left in the season. Oh, well. Happy Mother's Day anyway.

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