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Twins 4, Athletics 7: Twins fall, Sano dies

The ol' 4 seagull outfield shift. #Moneyball
The ol' 4 seagull outfield shift. #Moneyball
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

In a game that was closer than the final score might suggest, the Twins jumped out to an early lead in the top of the 2nd on back-to-back 2-out doubles by Superstar Robbie Grossman and Byung Ho Park. However, in the bottom of the inning the A's got a run of their own on a Miguel Sano assisted triple off the bat of Billy Burns Master Blaster.

In the top of the 3rd, Sano came up with the bases juiced and 1 out. Determined to make up for his outfield misadventures, Sano knocked in a run on a fielders choice, narrowly beating out the double play. Unfortunately he also injured himself on the play and was taken out with a "Left hamstring strain." 

The lead given by his suicidal heroics would unfortunately be short lived, as in the bottom of the very same inning Danny Valencia would hit a 2-run dinger, bringing the score to 2-3 in favor of Oakland. The Grossman/Valencia show would continue until they almost single-handely (double-handedly?) brought the game to a 4-5 score. The A's would tack on another 2 in the 8th on a Stephen Vogt double off the normally stellar Fernando Abad. Minnesota would then fail to muster up anything in the 9th, losing with a final score of 4-7.

Tyler Duffey would be saddled with loss, bringing him to 2-4 for the season. In happier news, Joe Mauer got his 1749th career hit, tying that air-condition salesman guy for 4th on the Twins all time list.


Robbie Grossman: (3 for 4, 3 doubles, 2 runs and 1 RBI)


Tyler Duffey: (5 earned runs on 10 hits over 4.2 innings.)

Pick the Stick Winner:

less cowbell, more 'neau (Mauer/Suzuki) 5 whole points! Congrats to you and your whole family.


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