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Sano To DL: Kepler Recalled From AAA

It wasn't a bolt of lightning that got him, even though you'd be forgiven for supposing so.

Probably it wasn't on this play. But MAYBE
Probably it wasn't on this play. But MAYBE
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The always-prompt Rhett Bollinger reports that Miguel Sano was placed on the DL after yesterday's game, which was also today's game, kinda (time zones). According to Bollinger, Sano felt a hamstring pull while running out a grounder (which did prevent a double play).

To replace him, Max Kepler returns from Rochester, where he'd batted .282/.367/.455 and presumably taught teammates how to cuss in German. It's hard to imagine he can make it from Indianapolis (where the Red Wings played on Tuesday) to Oakland in time for Wednesday's afternoon game (12:35 Pacific), so the Twins may be short a bench player. This will cost them the season, I'm sure.

Community member Rotofan has his take on the injury here.