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2016 MLB Draft: Day two open thread

The Twins have yet to take a pitcher, which is a bit surprising.

Note: Not a live feed of the draft.
Note: Not a live feed of the draft.

Rounds 3-10 start at 1:00 PM today. Let's start with a recap of yesterday, in case you missed it (ICYMI, as the kids would say).

15 - Alex Kirilloff, OF

Toolsy outfielder who projects to have a good bat with some pop. Seems to be more of a corner outfielder with his speed being his main weakness. Could end up in RF at some point.

56 - Ben Rortvedt, C

Bat first catcher whose defense should be enough to let him stay there. One of the better bats in the "high school catcher" class.

73 - Jose Miranda, SS

Solid all around prospect with good hands and a nice bat. Could move to 3B at some point because of his build, but right now has a SS body.

74 - Akil Baddoo, OF

I've heard comps to Rondell White and also Jacque Jones. He seems to be a bat first outfielder with some decent speed. Perhaps a corner outfielder in the future.

Twins picks today, if I'm reading MLB's draft order right:

93, 123, 153, 183, 213, 243, 273, 303.

93 - Griffin Jax, RHP

123 - Thomas Hackimer, RHP

153 - Jordan Balazovic, RHP

183 - Alex Schick, RHP

213 - Matt Albanese, CF
243 – Shane Carrier, OF
273 – Mitchell Cranson, C

303 - Brandon Lopez, SS


Baseball America's top 500 database.

MLB Draft Tracker.

SBNation's MLB Draft section.

Notable prospects still not drafted (# = Rank in Baseball America's database):

RHP - Jared Horn (32) Choose to go to college instead.

C - Cooper Johnson (76)

SS/2B Drew Mendoza (43)

OF - Austin Hays (47)

RHP - Jesus Lazardo (50)

That Baseball America database is a good tool for filtering by position who is left to be drafted. I recommend playing around with it.

How have the Twins done so far?

Very hard to say since we probably won't know about these guys for four years or so. I'll leave a poll, just for fun, but I do realize it's a bit silly to do draft grades this early.