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J.T. Chargois Gets the Call, May and Hughes Get Shelved

Kyle Gibson is back, too.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Potential Twins bullpen savior J.T. Chargois has been called up to the majors as the Twins shook up their pitching staff on Friday.

Chargois will be joined by Kyle Gibson, finally back from injury, while both Trevor May and Phil Hughes are going on the 15-day disabled list.

First, the important thing to know:

He'll be in uniform tonight, and I assume available.

Gibson was put on the DL back in late April with a shoulder strain.  It would be very nice if he was effective again, unless you're pulling for that number one pick next year, in which case, you know, whatever.

Hughes is on the DL due to the wicked shot to the knee he took in last night's game, while May is laid up due to back spasms.