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Red Sox Roll Twins, 8-1

What started as a pitcher's duel ended in fire, sadness.

pictured: the only good thing that happened on friday
pictured: the only good thing that happened on friday
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The difference in Boston's 8-1 smothering of Minnesota on Friday came down to one thing, really: the Red Sox figured out Tyler Duffey before the Twins figured out Steven Wright.

The game was scoreless through four innings, but once the Red Sox got their third look at Duffey, they pounced. The eight batters who got to face the Twins' 2015 surprise ace tallied five hits (h/t Patrick Donnelly), with a 3-run dong by Xander Bogaerts opening the scoring and effectively sealing the game.

Meanwhile, the Twins had a couple chances to jump on Wright, singling thrice in the 4th and loading the bases in the 5th, but were unable to push any runs across.  The knuckleballer was otherwise untouchable, with a Robbie Grossman grounder scoring Third Ed to plate Minnesota's first run in the 8th. But they by god got Steven Wright out of the game.  Moral victory!

Then the Red Sox scored two more runs and everyone left the game sweaty and depressed.

STUDS: None of the Twins.

DUDS: Most of the Twins.


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Enjoy your weekend, everybody.  Hydrate!