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Glen Perkins out for season with torn labrum

Glen isn't coming back, folks. At least not until sometime in 2017.

New York Yankees v Minnesota Twins
“Looks fine to me!”
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

I’m sorry I have to tell you this. Please sit down. Ready? Okay. Glen Perkins isn’t coming back. I mean, he’ll come back eventually, but not this season. And probably not to start next season either.

Perkins sought a second third opinion on his shoulder and underwent yet another MRI early this week in Los Angeles. He has tried several times to ramp up his throwing efforts, but his shoulder still hurt when he threw hard. Apparently, this third doctor finally discovered Glen has a torn labrum, and unless you’re Brad Radke, that usually requires significant surgery and time in order to pitch again.

If you really miss Perk, you can go to the game on June 23rd and get a baseball card with his smiling face on it.