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Happy Father’s Day, Twins fans

I remember my Dad’s most important role in my Twins fandom on this Father’s Day.

Me and my Dad. Clearly, I was preoccupied with thinking about Kirby Puckett’s development as a second-year player.
Dawn Luoma

Today is Father’s Day in the US, and baseball players all over the nation will be wearing blue things in support of prostate cancer research. Many of you might be watching today’s Twins game with your father, or thinking about him while you do. I will be thinking of my Dad, although I am also having dinner with him later. He’ll probably be busy watching golf. Contrary to many people’s stereotypes, my Dad was not the one who got me into baseball.

But I still love my Dad. He’s from Wisconsin, so he’s a Packers fan. But he moved to the Twin Cities around the time the Brewers came to existence so as far as baseball goes, he’s all Twins! He just isn’t a super big baseball person.

Despite that, one of my earliest and biggest memories came thanks in part to my Dad. I was six year old during the 1991 World Series, and as with any six year old in Minnesota at the time, I freaking loved Kirby Puckett. He was everything. I watched Twins games just waiting for Kirby Puckett to come up to bat. Everything else was basically filler to me.

I remember waking up the day after Game 6 of the 1991 World Series and running to my parents’ room. My Mom was busy with my younger sister, but my Dad was there. I asked him what happened and he was so excited to tell me. My Dad doesn’t get excited about a whole lot, but I remember him telling me everything Kirby had done while he was tying his tie and I was thinking, “Well of course Kirby did that.” And then he turned to me and said, “If the Twins win the World Series, I will buy you a hat.”

And did I get a hell of a hat.

Me wearing a 1991 Twins World Series Champions hat with my family. Dawn Luoma

That’s a picture of me with my brother, sister, father, and grandfather. You think I wasn’t excited about that hat? I was damn excited about that hat. Step it up, the rest of my family.

But in all reality, thank you so much Dad for that hat, but more importantly, the memory. Oh, and being my Dad.

What memories do you have about Twins baseball and your Dad? Share below.