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Why do you watch baseball?

If you've never thought about this, especially as a Twins fan, just stop and take a moment.

Tom Hauck/Getty Images

The Twins are bad. It's exceedingly obvious to everyone the Twins are bad. You could ask the world's biggest Twins' homer—which many, apparently, believe is me—and they would tell you the Twins are bad. This isn't rocket science at this point. I know the Twins fucking suck.

So why are you here? Why do you watch the Twins? Why do you care?

I've gotten many angry things lobbed at me in the past month since taking over at this website, mostly via Twitter and Facebook (I have and continue to stand by the fact we have the best community on the actual site. Love you guys.). Just yesterday I was called a "drooling idiot" for recognizing the fact (not opinion, sorry, but FACT) "the Twins" can't just somehow fire their owner, Jim Pohlad. (Side note to the angry, glue-sniffing fans out there: YOU CAN'T FIRE THE DAMN OWNER OF THE TEAM!)

Despite all this, and how poorly the Twins are doing, I am happy. Why am I happy? Because I love baseball, I love watching it, and I choose to be happy.

If working yourself up into a frenzy, if constantly complaining, if boycotting baseball all-together is what makes you happy, do it! More power to you! But that's not me. I'm just frankly accepting the reality that I have very little to no power over the situation the Twins are in. Why should I be worrying about it? That's a waste of my time, spirit, and effort.

I watch baseball because it is my favorite source of entertainment. It makes me happy. Even if the Twins suck, I can kick back for an hour or two and watch them suck and forget about all the more real things in my real life that suck. And it's not just the Twins, I usually watch at least parts of two or three other games a day as well, because, like I said, I love baseball. I like watching baseball. Isn't that the point of all this?

If the Twins just make you angry, so angry you feel the need to lob baseless insults at me, why are you even paying attention to them? What are you trying to accomplish? I'm not offended, but I don't understand why?

I just don't get it.

Addendum: I think about this excerpt from the book "Fantasyland" a lot, and in a way it says a lot about why I like to watch baseball.