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Kyle Gibson suffers setback, remains on DL

Gibby has a stiff back so Phil Hughes gets to start tonight after all (*collective groan*).

"I hurt my back, guys."
"I hurt my back, guys."
Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Twins announced earlier this week that they planned to activate Kyle Gibson from the DL and have him replace Phil Hughes in the rotation, meaning he would be starting tonight's game. Well, that's not going to happen, at least not tonight.

Gibson was never actually activated from the DL, and it looks like he'll be spending a little more time there nursing a stiff back. If you don't remember, Gibson originally went on the DL retroactive to April 23rd with a shoulder strain and an inflamed rotator cuff. It's unknown how much longer Gibson will remain sidelined.

Interestingly, Gibson was scheduled to throw a bullpen session last Sunday, but it was cancelled when everyone else apparently forgot about it.

Phil Hughes will make his start tonight as previously planned. Watch for incoming balls in the outfield bleachers.