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Monday Recap: The Yankees suck

New York Yankees v Minnesota Twins
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Since the Yankees were in town last Friday, I asked all of you for ideas for how the Twins can stop being the Yankees’ punching bag. Or just to list the reasons the Yankees suck. Or vent any other frustration.

And you did! We got three marvelous responses:

  • zkonedog responded immediately with a poem.
  • Jan Hoelo suggested we lower our standards by losing to everyone, which the Twins are apparently working on!
  • Daniel Carlson thought my FanPost prompt was really negative for some reason and he wasn’t going to write anything, but then he had a flashback and did anyway.

Thank you all for your submissions, and thank you mostly to the Twins who did, in fact, figure out how to beat the Yankees (at least once).