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Game LXXII: Phillies vs Twins

Day game! Following a night game! Champion of the sun!

It's occasionaly cloudy in Minneapolis
It's occasionaly cloudy in Minneapolis
Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

12:10 PM

On a Thursday

Minneapolis, MN

On FSN, GO 96.3, TIBN

"Thunder Gun Express III"

The Phillies went to Jerad Eickhoff (EYE-cough) (RHP, 4-9, 3.49 ERA) to face the Twins. Don't let that ERA fool you (I checked, an ERA less than 4.00 is allowed under MLB rules), he actually has an 2.64 ERA over his last seven games. He took a loss his last outing, giving up three earned runs and nine hits over 5.2 IP against Zack Greinke. Jerad has pitched six or more innings in 12 of his last 14 games. Let's hope the Twins totally hang dong in this one.

Ricky "Cricket" Nolasco (no-LASS-co) (RHP, 3-4, 4.91 ERA) did not lose the Twins number so he takes the mound tonight. Don't let Ricky's ERA fool you, he's got a 3.46 FIP. If he wasn't playing for the Twins, he'd be on a different team, most likely. Oddly enough, Nolasco has never faced Peter Bourjos. In his last game, Ricky had a quality start but a no-decision against the hated yanquis, pitching seven innings and giving up eight hits but only two earned runs.

Ricky: "I know that this team, no matter what the record is, we're going to fight. No matter the result, everybody's in there fighting as long as they can... We're not going to give in, and we're not going to give up." No hesitation! No surrender! No man left behind!

Know Thine Enemy: The Good Phight

Weather Forecast: Cloudy, 67°F, wind NNE 7 mph

Today's Lineups


Odubel Herrera - CF

Robbie Grossman - LF

Adriano Blanco - 2B

Eduardo Escobar - SS

Maikel "Fatty Magoo" Franco - 3B

Joe "Golden God" Mauer - DH

Ryan McPoyle - DH

Brian Dozier - 2B

Tommy Joseph - 1B

Trevor Plouffe - 3B

Cody Asche - LF

Max "Da Maniac" Kepler - RF

Carlos Ruiz - C

Byung Ho! Park - 1B

Freddy Galvis - SS

Juan Centeno- C
Liam "Bourjos" McPoyle - RF
Byron Buxton - CF

Jerad Eickhoff - RHP
Father Rick Nolasco - RHP