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Where will Sano go?

What position will Miguel Sano play when he comes off the DL? No one seems to know!

Kansas City Royals v Minnesota Twins
“I’m an outfielder, I guess?”
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Miguel Sano, who hit the DL earlier this month with a pulled hammy, is starting his rehab in triple-a tomorrow. It’s been all the rage on the Internets to debate about what position Sano will play in his return. So much so, in fact, even the Twins themselves have joined the fun!

When asked where Sano would play in his rehab assignment (which starts tomorrow), Paul Molitor said:

"That’s a fair question. In all honesty, we’ve been having discussions about how we want to integrate him back into games on rehab, as well as up here. It’s not finalized yet... I have asked [myself], if he was coming back from a wrist injury, would I treat going back in the outfield differently than a hamstring injury? And probably the answer is yes. It’s probably something to consider."

So the Twins are now considering not playing Miguel Sano in the outfield. Baby steps.

Terry Ryan was asked the same question about Sano, and gave an even less solid answer:

"We’ll move him around defensively, probably ease in DH-wise, some in the outfield, some in the infield... But first we’ve got to make sure we get him through. It’ll probably be at DH for a minute or two. I’m more worried about him swinging the bat. We need offense."

Well shit, Terry. Why not just put him in the bullpen?

Reporters even asked Sano himself if he was still going to play outfield:

"They haven’t said anything to me"

Well since this total system is a failure, why don't we decide?