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An Open Letter from TC Bear to Minnesota Twins Fans

An emotional and frank grown-ass man in a bear costume has some words for the Target Field faithful.

why are you wearing that stupid person suit
why are you wearing that stupid person suit
Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Tomorrow at 1 PST I am having mascot surgery that will most likely affect the rest of my career in some capacity. Do I wish I could've avoided this fate? Yes. That's why I rehabbed for two months, eating fish whole out of local streams like a real bear. Am I disappointed that I can't contribute to our team this year while getting paid minimum wage and some expired coupons for the Holiday store by Target Field? Yes, it makes me sick. Getting paid for not doing anything to help was the thing they already did with David Murphy. I didn't want to be the overpaid pretend bear. Well, now I am. The only thing I can control now is how hard I rehab in my pretend bear costume. So from tomorrow until I am back frolicking in the outfield grass, know that no person in a plush bear outfit will be working harder than me to get there. That's all I can offer at this time.

Peace, and see you all at Target Field next spring!