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Twins Trade Oswaldo Arcia to Rays

In return, a valuable cash prize or a PTBNL.

oswaldo oswal-goes to Tampa
oswaldo oswal-goes to Tampa
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The saga of Oswaldo Arcia, Minnesota Twin, has come to an end, as the team announced they've traded the outfielder to Tampa for cash or a player to be named later.  We'll find out ... later, I guess.

Arcia was DFA'd last week because, when you have a Danny Santana waiting in the wings, you gotta do something, man.  (NOTE: If you told me Danny Santana had stowed away on a Superior ore ship earlier this week and was on his way to Finland, I would believe you.)

I'll remember Oswaldo for his often majestic dongs (he hit 20 in 2014), and his struggles fielding his position (as Gleems notes, it's amazing that he played 700 games in CF in the minors).

I can only imagine how hot the takes will be if he turns into a quality platoon/power option in Tampa or elsewhere.