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Game LXXIV: Twins @ Yankees

The Bronx is up but The Battery's down. The people ride in a hole in the ground. NY, NY -- it's a helluva town!

Greg Trott/Getty Images
Time: 12:05 (17:05 GMT) Vegas Line: -180 NYY / MIN +165
Weather: Sunny, High Around 84°
Opponent SB site: Pinstripe Alley
TV: FSN. Radio: Chuck D based his vocal style on Marv Albert's NBA Knicks broadcasts, no, really, he did

As our own, widely loathed (yet universally feared) SooFoo put it, today's matchup is a CTRL-C, CTRL-V deal (⌘-C, ⌘-V for Apple folks.) Hence my lazy:

"Yankees starter Michael Pineda was an All-Star in his rookie season, then suffered a labrum tear. He hasn't quite been the same since. Pineda throws a fastball, slider and change; pre-injury, the slider was his out pitch." Digits:

ERA H/9 K/9 BB/9 HR/9 OPS v L/R BAbip FIP
Mike Pineda 5.82
.727/.890 .372
Erv Santana 4.83


Summit EPA Luckiest Man PA
Ed-dawg Nunez, 3B
Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
Robbie Grossman,LF Brett Gardner, LF
Joseph X. Mauer, 1B
Carlos Beltran, RF
Brian Dozier, 2B
A-Rod, DH
Herr Von Kepler, RF Brian McCann, C
Ed-caht Escobar, SS Mark Teixeira, 1B
박병호, 1B Starlin Castro, 2B
Kurt Suzuki, C
Didi Gregorius, SS
Byron Buxton, CF Chase Headley, 3B

Couple of links you can check out while waiting for the game, if you wish, or during the game, perhaps, or while wearing a leather zipsuit and beating your crotch with a parade baton, if that's how you roll. I ain't the boss of you, and whatever dumb s**t you're into, I promise I've done dumber.

First is a really terrific Grantland piece Daniel "Nerf Herder" Carlson found, ranking Mariano Rivera's farewell-tour gifts. (Guess which team's gift comes out on top? The correct one.) It's not a slideshow, it's funny without being too cocky, it shows what Grantland was at its best. (Grantland wasn't always at its best. Who is? Besides ME!)

And then this John Oliver bit about the Yankees FO being jerks, which I can't stop linking to; it's like Oliver's nose is a powerful magic wand (from Ollivander's) commanding me. And he's the best thing on YouTube HBO since "Deadwood."