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Yankees 2, Twins 1: Can't LOB Yankees Forever, Y'Know

The Ancient Ones made rules about New York always beating Minnesota, and we would be heretics for questioning their wisdom.

Da-amn, McCann, don't get a fellow catcher dirty. Bad form, dude.
Da-amn, McCann, don't get a fellow catcher dirty. Bad form, dude.
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Because baseball doesn't always conform to statistical predictions, struggling pitchers Ervin Santana and Michael Pineda both did well keeping opponents in check today. Although, in Santana's case, it was pretty much blind friggin' luck, as he barfed up six hits and two walks while throwing 102 pitches through five innings.

Eduardo Escobar, generally a good defensive player, appeared broken rusty, booting two plays. One, the Twins got away with. The second, they didn't, and it wasn't a pretty error, either (some errors have aesthetic value.) Ryan Pressley did the honors, getting knocked around even after the EE E-6, so ER anyhoo. Would have been worse if Brian McCann didn't run at the speed of smell.

I noticed looking on for these clips how Cleveland has won seven straight games. Must be nice. The fates are smiling upon Ohio these days. Anyhoo, enjoy Brett Gardner cleaning up one fan's spilled s**t -- and then giving it back to the fan.

All bow before the impressive Robot Roll Call:

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