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Series Preview: Twins at White Sox

Justin Morneau could be back in time for Ghostbusters, a movie I don't have an opinion on.

I just like this picture, I've used it twice now. Fight me.
I just like this picture, I've used it twice now. Fight me.
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

After salvaging the last game of the series in New York, the Twins will try their luck against another .500 team,  the White Sox. What have they been up to?

From May 14 to June 19th, the White Sox went 9-24, which took some air out of their proverbial balloon, after starting 23-10. Their record as I type this is 38-38 as they've recently managed to pull out of their tail spin. They made "big" news (to us) when they signed Justin Morneau, who hopes to be back in mid-July, "just in" time for the Ghostbusters remake. These two events are related.

They've also traded for James Shields, which isn't going so great.

The most notable hitter on their team, in my opinion, is third baseman Todd Frazier. He has 21 HR, which is 2nd in the AL (Mark Trumbo is first at 22). Jose Abreu is good, and Melky Cabrera actually leads the team in OPS (.815).

Their leader in the rotation is Chris Sale, who has come back down to earth since his hot start but is still very good.

The most notable injury for the Sox is Austin Jackson, who is currently on the 15-day DL with a left knee meniscus tear.

The Match Ups

("*Twins starter* will try to have a better start today." Applies to all of these)

Game 1

Tuesday, June 28th, 7:10 PM CDT

Kyle Gibson vs Jose Quintana

Game 2

Wednesday, June 29th, 7:10 PM CDT

Ricky Nolasco vs James Shields

Shields is allowing about 2 ER an inning since joining the White Sox.

Game 3

Thursday, June 30th, 1:10 PM CDT

Tommy Milone vs Carlos Rodon