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FanPost Friday: It's out of this world

Star Trek is better.
Star Trek is better.
Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to FanPost Friday!

Did you forget what this is? FanPost Friday is the thing where I post a question or topic Friday, you write a fanpost addressing said topic or question in whatever fashion you want, and then we will share the best posts or recap the posts on the front page come Monday. It's fun. Give it a try.

Today's question is as follows:

If you could launch one Twins player or coach into space, who would you launch into space and why?

You can do whatever you want with this. You can write about which player or coach is just so frustrating you want them gone. Or maybe you think a free trip to space would be a reward and want to write about why one player is most deserving of this honor. Heck, I dunno, maybe you want to write about Kent Hrbek in zero gravity.

The sky isn't even the limit anymore.

Start your FanPost now.