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Alex Meyer finally placed on DL in Triple A

Something's wrong with Meyer's shoulder and something has been wrong with Meyer's shoulder for awhile.

Minnesota Twins v Houston Astros
Looks kinda painful to me.
Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Twins pitching prospect Alex Meyer has been battling shoulder soreness for several weeks. In fact, he hasn't pitched since his first Major League start on May 3rd. Remember that? He was all over the place, gave up three earned runs (including a lead-off homer), and was pulled after just 64 pitches in 2.2 innings. Meyer was sent back to Triple A immediately following the game.

There weren't any reports that Meyer injured himself in that outing, but it appears something was amiss. He hasn't pinched at all since, and reports later surfaced that he was suffering from "bilateral shoulder weakness" "shoulder fatigue". Meyer has thrown a couple bullpen sessions where he said he felt great, only to be sore again the next day. "Almost every time we get ready to crank him up, he takes a step back," Terry Ryan told reporters. "Every time we’re about ready to put him out there, it’s just not a go. We take a step back and we crank it back up and he gets ready again and then it just isn’t right again.”

The Twins tried giving Meyer some cortisone shots, but it didn't change things.

Last weekend Meyer had an MRI done on his shoulder that revealed mild inflammation, but no structural damage.

Finally today, June 4th—over a month after his last pitching appearance—the Twins cried uncle and placed Alex Meyer on the Triple-A DL. Meyer, at his own request, is going to see another doctor for a second opinion.

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