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Twins 6, Marlins 4: Dozier walks off with a 2-run home run

Ding dongs.
Ding dongs.
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Short Recap: Twins Win.

Lengthy Recap:  Pat Dean let the runs trickle out pretty steadily in the first half of the game. Miami scored in 4 of the first 5 innings, but would be shut down(!) by the Twins bullpen for the rest of the night. The Twins brought some big lumber to the field, with 4 homeruns on the day, in fact the only run they got that wasn't from a dinger was from an Adam Conley wild pitch. The electric hot Eduardo Nunez smashed two solo shots, and Robbie Grossman continues to somehow be good by hitting one of his own. If I had told you a few years ago that Nunez would not only be our best Ed, but our best player, would you have believed me?

Minnesota first went to the pen in the 5th, with Michael Tonkin who finished off the 5th and then pitched a scoreless 6th. Taylor Rogers, Ryan Pressly, Brandon Kintzler and Fernando Abad would all pitch a scoreless inning as the game went tied 4-4 into extra innings.

Things were scary for a moment when Kevin Jepsen came in to pitch the 11th, but a surprisingly quick hook replaced him with Buddy Boshers after a J.T Realmuto single. Boshers did his job with style, striking out Justin Bour and Derek Dietrich back to back to end the inning.

In came Dustin McGowan, who was on his way to a loss (That I totally called.) with poor control granting the Twins back to back walks by Robbie and Joe Mauer. Grossman got caught stealing between those walks for whatever reason, but in the end it would not matter.

Brian Dozier hit the two-run walk off grand slam (That I also totally called.) to end the game with a final score of Twins 6, Marlins 4. If anyone tries to tell you that a two run grand slam isn't a thing, you stop being friends with them immediately. Also Dozier called someone a "ding dong" which I find hilarious.

The W went to Boshers (1-0) and the L to McGowan (0-2.) The Twins are now 17-40 and officially not the worst team in baseball. Thanks Braves!


Eduardo Nunez: 2 for 5 with 2 solo dongs.

Brian Dozier: Walked off!

Buddy Boshers: Two sweet strikeouts in the 11th.



Comment of the gamethread: A bunch of pitcher based puns by Twinkie Towners.

"Bringing him in would be Abad decision."

"Don't Pressly your luck"

"I Boshers what you did there" (I still don't get this)

"Now you're Tonkin"

"You Kintzler your words. I can't understand you."


"They are McGowan to regret this."

"Lay on, Duffey, And damned be him that first cries, "Hold, enough!"

Your welcome.


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