How To Fix The All Star Game

Fan voting is one of the things that some people love and some people hate about the All Star Game. I'm right in the middle. I think that it's fun to vote for your favorite players, but it's very easy to hack the system and say, have all 9 Royals start, or have 6 Cubs in the lineup. Obviously the former never happened, but it was pretty close to happening. I've got a solution to make sure that this doesn't happen. Each team gets one All Star. How does this work? Well, I'll tell you.

The fan voting element of the All Star Game will still be there, but you're only allowed to vote for one player on each team. The votes are split up between the teams. 9 players from 9 different teams will start with the other six players on the bench. Three teams get to pick one position player, and three get to pick a reliever. And if a team goes through all four pitchers they have, we get to see a position player pitch. It's a win for fan interest! There are MAJOR flaws to this plan, but I have a feeling that it'll work. If the MLB goes to this format and it fails, you can all blame me. That's all from me. Short and sweet. Expect a Junior Rolling Twins preview next week. GO TWINS GO! GO NUNEZ GO!