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So What Else Is On...?

Grab your TV channel flippers, SURFS UP!

"Which one is Nunez?"
"Which one is Nunez?"
Evert F. Baumgardner/National Archives and Records Administration

So if you're like most people, you may not have even noticed the Twins were on a break for the All-Star Game. This is probably the worst the Twins have done up to mid-July since, well heck, probably since before the KC Blues became the Washington Senators. But just in case, here are a few things to fill the void the All-Star break has wrought.

Saint Paul Saints:

In contrast to the Twins, the AAL's Saints sit atop their division with a 9.5 game lead over their nearest rival. Plus, CHS Field still has that new stadium smell, not like it's next to an incinerator or something. And where else are you going to see a walk-off-wild-pitch-strikeout?

In truth, I suspect watching a game at CHS is more fun than watching it on TV, they even have an app that let's you order food or drink and they'll deliver it to your seat, but I hear tickets are a little hard to come by this year.

Website: They stream all home games, away games are sometimes available on other team sites TV: Here's where things get tricky, I stumbled on a Saints game on QCTV, which is the local Big Gubbermint channel up here in Tom Hanson country (ch. 19 on our local cable), I'm not sure about outside of the "quad cities," no one calls it that BTW, check your local public access channel. Radio: KLBB 1220 AM (they also stream the games)

Minnesota Lynx:

The Lynx got off to a spectacular 13-0 season start, but then suffered what they called "mid-season woes," still, they're 2.5 games back from the LA Sparks. Los Lynx are hoping to win their 4th WNBA Championship.

You've probably heard the Lynx were in the news when four off-duty MPD officers walked off in protest over the team daring to wear t-shirts with the offensive slogan, "Change starts with us." Ah Minnesota, you never fail to surprise me, not always in a good way though. Support your local Lynx.

Website: TV: FSN, FSN+, League Pass Radio: Bob FM 106.1, KBGY-FM 107.5, Lynx Radio Network

Minnesota United FC Loons:

The Loons (nee Stars) are currently a local soccer... er, football(?)  team about to step into the big time and make the leap from the NASL to the MLS in 2017 or 2018. Their new stadium will look a lot like the freed creature in Encounter at Farpoint, and PK looks eerily like Twinkie, but I dig their logo. Not sure why they are called "United," I assume it's an homage to Manchester United. For now they play in Blaine, so I might check out a game, I hope nobody calls me "mate" or orders a "pint" but there are worse things.

Website: TV: My29, ESPN3 (streaming) Radio: Doesn't look like it


A 2016 movie about the fastball. I figured this was going to be an expose on how pitchers are being pushed to throw harder and harder and the stress this puts on pitchers' arms but no, it's about the fastball and ultimately who threw the fastest fastball. Very well done documentary narrated by Kevin Costner. One of my favorite segments was on Steve Dalkowski, the inspiration for "Nuke" Laloosh in "Bull Durham." There's some nerdy maths and physics but it's still interesting for everyone. Torii Hunter makes a brief appearance. What the Hell happened, Jim Hoey? I saw that guy hit 100 mph once in Ft. Myers.

Where: Netflix, Amazon Video, iTunes, Pirates Bay, etc.


Put down the TV remote and go outside. It's summertime in Twins Territory! Go fishing, play some wiffleball, tend your butterfly garden, capture a charizard in the park, relearn the middle kid's name! Summer's half over, enjoy it while it lasts! The Twins will still be on tomorrow anyway.