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FanPost Friday: Could it get any worse?

Hopefully this doesn't happen again.
Hopefully this doesn't happen again.
Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to FanPost Friday!

So what is FanPost Friday? It's that thing where I pose a question to you, users , you write a FanPost responding to the question in any way that you want, and then we share and recap what everyone came up with on Monday. Got it? Good. Now don't be shy about giving it a try!

This week's question is:

What would be the single best thing and the single worst thing that could happen to the Twins in the second half of the season?

You can respond in any way you would like, serious or whimsically. You can write about Joe Mauer returning to form, Byung Ho Park breaking out, or heck, trading the entire team. Maybe the entire team goes down in a plane crash, which could really be either the best or the worst thing. Maybe Target Field loses its alcohol license, or worse, Kevin Jepsen is suddenly back with the team.

The power is yours.