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The Great Chattanooga Ceiling Collapse of 2016

This isn’t some kind of witty prospect metaphor. The ceiling actually collapsed.

6.0 Earthquake Rattles Northern California
Okay, it wasn’t this bad, but you get the point.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A lot of attention has been paid lately to how comically underpaid minor league baseball players are, mostly because of the recent Save America’s Pastime Act hoopla. A great living and breathing example of this recently struck our very own down on the farm in Chattanooga.

Mitch Garver, catcher for the Twins’ Class AA Chattanooga Lookouts and a Class AA All-Star Representative this year, tweeted about a predicament he found himself in yesterday:

Um, yikes? At least his toilet paper made it through.

But it gets worse, because apparently, Mitch wasn’t the only Twins minor leaguer living in this room.

So while Jake Reed apparently has a new place to stay, it’s too far from the stadium and he doesn’t have a car.

I feel for these guys, and I’m not being facetious in the slightest. I know what it’s like to be underpaid and I have a feeling a lot of you do too. But if you don’t know that feeling, especially if you live in the Chattanooga area, would you be interested in helping these guys out? You can reach them on Twitter at @MitchGarver and @JakeyReed5.