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Twins 6, Tigers 2: Milone spins a gem

I think I saw this pitch in Baseball Simulator 1.000 for the SNES.
I think I saw this pitch in Baseball Simulator 1.000 for the SNES.
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

That's how gems are made, right? You spin them? Like how compressing coal makes a diamond, you coil a web real hard and it becomes a gemstone. Whatever, my point is Milone did something and a gem of a game was the result.

The Twins scored first (imagine that) with an All-Star caliber Eduardo Nunez sac-fly bringing in Kurt Suzuki.  Both Milone and Detroit starter Anibal Sanchez would pitch well through the sixth, with no further runs being scored by either team. Then the top of the seventh happened. Kennys Vargas started it off with a walk. Suzuki would follow that up with a single which would be Sanchez's last pitch. Bruce Rondon came in to face Byron Buxton who bunted the runners over to scoring position. Nunez continued to be awesome and singled in both runners, and then promptly stole 2nd. After a Robbie Grossman strikeout, Joe Mauer got in on the singling action and base-knocked in Nunez. Brian Dozier followed that up with a nice 2 run dinger (his 16h on the year.) When the half-inning was over the twins were up 6-0.

Later on entering the bottom of the 9th Masterful Milone (I'm calling him that to make up for calling him Mediocre Milone in the gamethread. Sorry Tommy.) entered hoping for a complete game shut-out. The 9th was a little too much for him though. Milone was taken out after getting only a single out (on a Nick Castellanos sac-fly no less) and giving up two runs. Luckily, Brandon Kintzler heard Milone's Mayday and came in to pitch. He promptly loaded the bases, because that's what Twins closers do. He then struck out James Mcann and Jose Iglesias back to back to end the game, because that's what GOOD Twins closers do.

Milone (3-2) got his 3rd win, and the Twin's 34th.. Sanchez dropped to 5-11 as the Tigers continue their descent into mediocrity.

- I'm not exactly sure of the timing yesterday, so this was either the first or second game under Interim-GM Rob Antony. That means we're either on pace to go .500 during his reign, or never lose another game ever. GM of the year? GM of the year.


- Tommy Milone: 8.1 IP, 2 runs allowed.
- Joe Mauer: 2 for 4 with a run and an RBI. Also flashed some leather at first base.
- Kurt Suzuki: 2 for 4 with two runs.
- Brian Dozier: Dong.
- Brandon Kintzler: For making the 9th interesting.


- No duds, Twins win! (And everyone got on base at one point or another.)

Comment of the Gamethread:

"The Twins might win Yes games this series after all." - SooFoo Fan

I thought he was being silly until I checked after the game and it turns out the series is currently Tigers 1, Twins Yes. So he's right.

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