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Texas Tops Twins in Ten, 3-2

It was competitive! That's something, right? Shut up, dad.

it's all still bad
it's all still bad
Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

The Twins got a decent start and a clutch hit on Friday. Unfortunately, that's not near enough for a scuffling Minnesota team this season, as Texas' Ian Desmond's solo dong in the 10th proved to be the deciding factor in a 3-2 victory.

Ervin Santana cruised through six innings of shutout ball, as did Rangers starter Martin Perez. Santana finally cracked in the 7th on a 2-run single by Jurickson Profar. The Twins answered in the bottom of the frame, courtesy of an oppo dong from Trevor Plouffe to tie the game.

The game remained knotted until the 10th, when Desmond's solo stroke off the usually reliable Fernando Abad provided the winning margin.

STUDS: Plouffe and Santana, I guess.


  • Byron Buxton: He slid into first base. You ain't Nick Punto, Byron. Don't even pretend.
  • Kurt Suzuki: He bunted into a double play. You may remember that he was hitting good. Then he bunted with two men on and one out. He oughtn't have done that.

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